Geothermal Energy

Here is a highlight of some of the experience we have acquired over time:

  • 100MW Biliran Geotthermal Project, Biliran Island, the Philippines. the SL Engineers team member were leading the engineering activities of the surface development for the project. In addition to designing and supervising the construction of the surface infrastructure (roads, pads, water supply, telecommunication, and airstrip), the team was also involved in developing the interconnection strategy for the project. 5 wells were successfully drilled.
  • 240MW Sorik Marapi Geothermal project, North Sumatra, Indonesia, the.SL Engineers team was leading all the planning and engineering activities for the surface infrastructure, as well as negotiating contracts, for the fastest start of drilling activities in the country. The involvement covered engineering concept, procurement support of services such as lidar, to contract negotiation and transfer of knowledge. The first steam has been released in Feb 2017.
  • 30MW Sokoria Geothermal Project, Flores Island, Indonesia, SL Engineers team members were leading the planning, scheduling and engineering activities to enable the start of construction of the access road, reduce the time to drilling, limit civil works and access to water supply. Satellite imagery was procured in record time to support the negotiation with PLN on transmission charges whilst the lidar was beeing procured. Construction started in January 2017.
  • 20MW Jabbar Geothermal Project, Java, Indonesia: SL Engineers team member lead the technical Due Diligence of the surface team for a potential acquisition.
  • 200MW Mariposa Geothermal Project. Chile. The SL Engineers team lead the feasibility study of the project and then supported the design and construction of the access and drilling infrastructure for the exploration campaign.