Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

Some technologies have started reaching grid parity in some markets. The momentum it has reached can no longer be stopped as its costs are reducing at a rate unmatched by conventional energies.

SL Engineers provide advices on:

Solar Energy

The fastest growing renewable energy thanks to decreasing installation costs, easily deployable technology and generation matching energy demand in many cases. With solar PV costs which will continue to drop and battery storage expected to follow to same trend, solar PV and hybrid systems are the energy revolution which will change the energy mix.

The SL Engineers team, for example, has been involved in over 1,000MW of utility solar projects in the Philippines, as Owner’s or Lender’s Engineer as well as the “E” of EPC, notably the largest solar farm in Asia: the 132.5MW Cadiz Solar farm.

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Wind Energy

Now considered as mature by financers, wind energy technology is accessing new markets, with low wind resources such as the ones found in South East Asia, thanks to improved technologies which allow to harvest more energy with less wind. High capacity factors, combined with good contracting strategy offer attractive returns to investors.

The SL Engineers team, has been involved in 4 of the 5 large wind farms in the Philippines, in various role and has also supported the first Indonesian wind farm.

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Geothermal Energy

With many countries being of the Ring of Fire, geothermal energy is one of the main renewable energy resource available in South East Asia. Based load energy can be provided through accessible steam resources and geothermal interest is on the rise with drops in development expenditures.

The SL Engineers team has been involved in developing the 100MW Biliran geothermal field in the Philippines and supported the development activities for the 240MW Sorik Marapi and 30MW Sokoria projects in Indonesia.

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Hydro Energy

While big dams and large new projects are now less frequent than over the past decades, small and mini hydro and run of rivers are a relatively untapped resource in some South East Asia countries. Opportunities exists for new projects in several countries with limited competition.

The SL Engineers team was involved in a 9MW HEPP to utilise energy on an irrigation canal, as well as involved with the development of the SN-Aboitiz Alimit project.

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