From strategic advice to project development, engineering management, project management and execution support, SL Engineers help to reduce South-East Asia carbon footprint, power a greener world and deliver future energy schemes to help creating a sustainable future.

A number of factors influences power project developers: from economics, to regulation, technological advances, availability of sites, stakeholder awareness. SL Engineers has the experience to deal with these issues in the Southeast Asia.

SL Engineers focusses on 2 core activities:



At SL Engineers, we are well aware of the increasing economic challenges, pressure from electricity prices as well as the need to provide a decent return to risk takers. We are running a lean organisation that allows to be flexible throughout the project life cycle. We care about value for money at all stage of our involvement.

SL Engineers has access to wide network of like-minded professionals and is therefore able to support clients across a wide range of services, technologies or disciplines.

Understanding of our client’s needs

Understanding of our client’s needs: As a specialized technical advisory firm, SL Engineers team has been exposed to a number of situations faced by project developers, investors or owner and understand their drivers in a fast moving environment. Being able to relate to our client’ needs has been key to SL Engineers team success in the past and is at the core of our business strategy.

We deliver

SL Engineers built trust and credibility on the delivery of what we committed to. For instance, there is nothing more frustrating for a client than being told his report will be late, especially in a transaction where timing is paramount. We are fully aware of this and work hard to deliver and meet our client’s targets.

Attention to details with big picture mindset

Consistent and methodic approach, attention to details and keeping the overall project benefit in mind are the foundations of SL Engineers work. This is the only way we are confident our recommendations are solid.


SL Engineers team has been involved throughout a variety of projects, technologies, markets and financing arrangements over years. Our team is used to finding cost effective solutions, quickly and making things happen. If we don’t think we can deliver value for money by ourselves, we’ll find the best partner to deliver what is best for the project. This is why, from time to time, we partner with other trusted consultants.